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Injury Days

Success is determined by how you handle setbacks

Being injured as ANY kind of athlete is never ever easy. Being injured overall no matter what you do sucks, but being injured as a professional athlete is even WORSE. If you’re like me, you like to do what you came to do, you like to feel productive, and at the end of the day, you want to do your job. Think of it as being a software coder and having arthritis, or like being an airline pilot and having bad vision. For me, this injury came at an absolutely awful time, but like they say… it could always be worse.

I suffered a stress fracture in my left foot in my second training back from the holidays, and on the last day of 2019 as well. Approximately one week before the u-20 camp that I had been called into that took quite a bit of convincing to let Porto release me for. Originally, the doctors didn’t know exactly what it was since it was relatively small(the fracture) but after getting an X-ray they determined it was in fact broken and that I would indeed need surgery. It was a huge blow for me because I was really looking forward to going to camp to prove myself under the new coach just as I had with Tab a couple of months ago. I’m a pretty positive person though, so I looked on the bright side. My Bulgarian roommate had suffered almost exactly the same injury as me and they had let him go home for two weeks… so that’s what I was expecting as well.

At the end of the day, it turns out that since my fracture was smaller, I have a lesser recovery time, thus me going back home would only delay my recovery by the amount of time that I was home. Obviously it’s easier for him to go back home as well because it takes quite a bit of travel for me to get back to Dallas. Anyway, the surgery went well and I’m 2 weeks in now and my foot is healing nicely, but it has been tough having to watch my teammates train and it always gives you a new appreciation for the game that you love. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you truly love something until you lose it, even for just a little bit. My family more than anything has helped me stay positive because it has been tough mentally, and some of my best friends have been there for me as well, helping cheer me up. All in all, injuries are part of the game. This wasn’t my first one, and although I would like it to be, it most likely won’t be my last one either. For anyone in a situation like mine, the best thing you can do, is accept the situation you’re currently in and make the best out of it. Strengthen other parts of yourself and stay positive through the process. Keep your head down and time will begin to fly by. Everything happens for a reason.

Inopportune injury

You may wonder, is there really a time when an injury is opportune? The answer is a bit subjective. As you may remember, a few weeks back (December 7th to be exact), I posted that there were some good news coming our way; I even stated that it’d be good if the news materialized. As it turns out, I may have jinxed it all.

Injuries are part of an athlete’s life and unfortunately by their own nature inopportune. Players knowingly assume the risks associated with the pursuit of their passion and understand that injuries are sometimes inevitable and inconvenient. However, that inconvenience can reach new levels when injuries are accompanied by either “bad timing” or “high severity”. Unfortunately, in Johan’s case, both were present.

For starters, the injury occurred right before the U20 MNT camp in Bradenton, Florida next week (that was the good news from a month ago) in preparation for CONCACAF qualifying in June. “Timing stinks” would be a complete understatement. The injury could have happened at any other time but it had to take place right before camp…sigh. Furthermore, this was not just a muscular injury; it required surgery (albeit minor) which immediately exacerbated its magnitude.

On the bright side, the surgery went well and Johan couldn’t be in better hands. The procedure is going to speed up recovery and it will inevitably be testing his mental, spiritual, and emotional toughness. As a family, we can’t deny how disappointing the timing and the severity of the injury were; however, we know everything happens for a reason. We now have to regroup and figure out “that” reason.

More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us

Romans 5:3-5

In the end, we know Johan will come out of this much stronger and despite the temporary setback, he will overcome adversity as he has done so in the past. He is in great spirits, very optimistic and surrounded by his loving family, friends and teammates. Be patient son. #somosGuerreros = #theGomezway

It hurts so much…

To see you go …the irony of it all is that we have seen you depart from airports at least a few dozen times, yet this one was emotionally draining. Mixed emotions to be honest…so many tears shed yet so much joy to have had the pleasure of having you around for a few days. Hard to let go, family is selfish by nature and want you around forever, some of us would go as far as saying that life is unfair…life isn’t, these are our choices and we know well you are pursuing your dream and that lessens the pain a little. It is still difficult to explain to your sister why you have to go “once again”; she sobbed all the way home. Also, seeing your brother bawl out like a little kid is not something we had witnessed before…the bond you guys have is remarkably strong.

Most people only see the family facade but the behind the scenes work is admirable to say the least. Yes, ultimately this lifestyle is our choice and that’s the price we have to pay. Today’s good-bye was tougher than normal as we don’t know when we will see you again. Until then, know that you are so loved and that you are special. Go get “it” son; you have a FULL team behind you…#theGomezway

Carpe diem

Horace (Roman poet)

Football/Soccer tennis

In what has now become a tradition in our family, the Gomez siblings embarked on yet another episode of soccer tennis in a beautiful 60+ December weather in Keller, Texas. We can’t seem to remember when or how it all started, we just know it’s now a well-ingrained tradition that we hope to nourish for years to come. The games have involved ACL tears, Japanese & German soccer player participation, equipment malfunctions, bets, etc. and miraculously the tradition has survived them all.

One thing is inexorable…age is unforgiving for the older generation. As our minds attempt their best to convince our aging bodies to continue competing, our bodies resist. However, our passion for the game inexplicably offsets nature and we manage to compete. It’s always a great rivalry of the “adults” vs. the youth.

This year’s game was highlighted by the introduction of brand new #theGomezway jerseys courtesy of Cesar…an excellent incentive. The rivalry is intense but the game itself is more so. Last year, the adults were spanked bad; this year was a bit different but our efforts were heroic nonetheless. We managed to win one and we will cling from that one for another year. In the end, it’s not the end result or the bragging rights or the bets that make it special; it’s the memories and the bonding. The devil’s in the details. #Loveyourfamilies

Not Good bye but see you later

The time has come for us to go back home, but this time there is no sadness in our eyes. We are happy to see the new life you are building and extremely proud of the young man you have become. You continue working hard everyday to establish your place as a player and we know this is where you belong. No matter the distance, we love and support you son. This is your time…and your new life. Mom

Nike Friendlies: First international goal

Well, you did it Jogo. We were worried about your health going into the game and what do you end up doing? You scored a banger on your aunt’s birthday against top international competition (Netherlands). We are sure she was looking down and cheering you on. What a way to honor her! #theGomezway

Jogo with aunt Lorena. Life is too short
Psalm 147:3. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

It was an indescribable experience for all of us as well. To top it off, the team came back in a miraculous way from a two goal differential in the last few minutes to earn a tie that tasted like a victory. Great experience. We learn, we work, and we progress but most importantly, we remain humble and thankful for the support.

Nike Friendlies: Primer gol internacional

Lo hiciste una vez más cabezón. Estábamos muy preocupados por tu salud en la antesala de éste encuentro y ¿qué haces? Terminas anotando un verdadero golazo en el cumpleaños de tu tía y nada menos que en contra de un rival complicado (la naranja mecánica). No nos cabe la menor duda que desde arriba, te estaba echando porras “la Lore”. ¡Qué mejor forma de honrarla hijo! #theGomezway

Fué una experienca indescriptible para todos nosotros. Y la cereza en el pastel fué que el equipo se supo recuperar de un marcador adverso en una forma milagrosa al poder empatar el encuentro en los últimos minutos. Sin duda alguna…una gran experiencia. Seguimos en modo de aprendizaje, de trabajo, y progresando pero lo más importante, seguimos humildes y agradecidos con el apoyo de la fanaticada. Nunca olvides de donde venimos ni a donde vamos.