Here are some of the more recent and relevant media artifacts about Jogo. Get to know them a little better and “our” football journey hoping you find them useful in the pursuit of yours. We always appreciate the support. Any questions please direct them to:

Getting CONCACAFed: Jonathan Gomez shares what it’s like to ‘spar’ with the Mexico national team (06.18.21) A different path: Gómez now being tracked by Man City & Dortmund thanks to bold move to Louisville (04.01.21)

Ladcast: Playing against Xavi Simmons. Who’s the best academy in the US? (02.26.21)

Spanish – Jóvenes Futbolistas Mexicanos: Entrevista con Jonathan Gómez (02.22.21)

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LouCity serves as Gómez ‘shop window’ to the world (02.03.21)

Sam’s army: Johan discusses how he decided to jump to Portugal [[1:33:00]] and life on the Iberian peninsula, including how often people try to sell him “sheesh” (01.14.21)

Keeping it simple: Why did Jogo leave FC Dallas? (12.14.20)
Spanish – Fox Sports México: Entrevista con Johan Gómez (09.19.20)

Spanish – Fox Sports Mexico: Entrevista con Johan Gómez (09.19.20)

Keeping it simple: Why did Johan pick Porto over Mallorca? (09.18.20)

LouCity coaches seeing Gómez grow before our eyes’ with key minutes (08.30.20)

Spanish – Azteca Deportes: Entrevista con Johan Gómez (06.18.20)

The starting XI: Preseason in COVID-19 times and challenges of being a pro as a teenager (06.20.20)

Spanish – Jóvenes Futbolistas Mexicanos: Entrevista con Johan Gómez (06.16.20)

Knocking it around: Interview with Patrick Weah and Jogo Gómez (05.30.20)

The starting XI: First full pro year in Europe and all sorts of football things (05.15.20)

LouCity signs youth international Jonathan Gómez (03.05.20)

Spanish – Entrevista con Johan y Jogo Gómez, jugadores en equipos profesionales de fútbol (12.31.19)

FC Dallas Academy striker Johan Gómez signs with FC Porto (08.31.19)

Fifteen-Year-Old Jonathan Gómez Thrives For North Texas SC, Represents Future for FC Dallas (07.09.19)

al dia Dallas
Spanish – Hermanos se mudan solos para cumplir su sueño con FC Dallas (10.08.18)

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Johan Gómez and Jonathan (aka Jogo) Gómez

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