The Journey

This is a a website of two Mexican-American brothers who play football for professional clubs. Their names are Johan Gómez and Jonathan Gómez (Jogo). Through this digital space, their family wants to share their experiences both on and off the field with their followers. The hope is that their experiences could help guide the next generation of footballers (or educate their respective parents) navigate a smoother football journey and thus enhancing their process and the sport in this country. In the end, “it” should never be about the end result but the joy in the journey. Enjoy it to its fullest. Note that some of the information depicted on this site is not football specific; it can be applied to many sports and/or life disciplines.

The brotherhood

It is not very common that two Mexican-American brothers only a few years apart play football for professional clubs. This space seeks to gradually share their continuous journey (past, present and future) in pursuit of their dreams from their family’s point of view. The brotherhood is useful at times but presents its own challenges as well. We hope you part take of our journey as we navigate through the daily struggles and benefits of playing “the beautiful game“. We will be using the different social networking platforms to make this more interactive. Thanks for visiting; suggestions and feedback are always welcome as they make us grow together!

Be sure to interact with us via other social media platforms: Instagram: theGomezway

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Johan Gómez and Jonathan (aka Jogo) Gómez

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