Welcome to USL-C Jogo

We are so proud of you Jogo, words can’t suffice and we must be grateful for the opportunity…will be forever. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best team outcome and you couldn’t help much either but it’s a memorable moment nonetheless. Let’s celebrate it as it must be; it doesn’t occur every day…

It’s not every day that a football player receives national TV exposure on his/her debut, or plays in a new stadium with hard core football (and jovial) fans. The temperature was not too bad either…perhaps the excitement of trying to contribute after a 4 month hiatus got the best of you…it happens…especially at 16 years of age. The good news is that it was just a dead leg and you were back in training today…welcome to USL-C son. Thanks for everyone who reached out to inquire about your health. For now, we learn the lesson, put our heads down, grind, and wait for the next opportunity. Don’t take anything for granted. Carpe diem!

It’s a privilege to be where you are. Some players wish they could be on your shoes just playing the beautiful game right now during these difficult times. Embrace the moment with open arms. We will see you very soon once again!!!

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