Networking is important

Glad to see the kiddos growing in all aspects of their lives. As a parent, there’s no better feeling than to watch them enjoy their journey and pursue their dreams. Networking plays an instrumental role in people’s lives and in the end, our time here is about the relationships, the rapport (be it friendships or not) and the experiences lived through them that make our lives even more meaningful… after all, it’s not everyday that you meet the starting goalkeeper for the Argentinean National football team. !!!Sos grande Marche!!! Porto 3 Tondela 0

BTW, the U19s learned who the next opponent will be in the UEFA Youth League game: FC Salzburg. Similarly, the first team also learned who the next opponent will be in the UEFA Europa League: FC Bayern Leverkusen on 02.20.20 (numerology)

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