It hurts so much…

To see you go …the irony of it all is that we have seen you depart from airports at least a few dozen times, yet this one was emotionally draining. Mixed emotions to be honest…so many tears shed yet so much joy to have had the pleasure of having you around for a few days. Hard to let go, family is selfish by nature and want you around forever, some of us would go as far as saying that life is unfair…life isn’t, these are our choices and we know well you are pursuing your dream and that lessens the pain a little. It is still difficult to explain to your sister why you have to go “once again”; she sobbed all the way home. Also, seeing your brother bawl out like a little kid is not something we had witnessed before…the bond you guys have is remarkably strong.

Most people only see the family facade but the behind the scenes work is admirable to say the least. Yes, ultimately this lifestyle is our choice and that’s the price we have to pay. Today’s good-bye was tougher than normal as we don’t know when we will see you again. Until then, know that you are so loved and that you are special. Go get “it” son; you have a FULL team behind you…#theGomezway

Carpe diem

Horace (Roman poet)