Football/Soccer tennis

In what has now become a tradition in our family, the Gomez siblings embarked on yet another episode of soccer tennis in a beautiful 60+ December weather in Keller, Texas. We can’t seem to remember when or how it all started, we just know it’s now a well-ingrained tradition that we hope to nourish for years to come. The games have involved ACL tears, Japanese & German soccer player participation, equipment malfunctions, bets, etc. and miraculously the tradition has survived them all.

One thing is inexorable…age is unforgiving for the older generation. As our minds attempt their best to convince our aging bodies to continue competing, our bodies resist. However, our passion for the game inexplicably offsets nature and we manage to compete. It’s always a great rivalry of the “adults” vs. the youth.

This year’s game was highlighted by the introduction of brand new #theGomezway jerseys courtesy of Cesar…an excellent incentive. The rivalry is intense but the game itself is more so. Last year, the adults were spanked bad; this year was a bit different but our efforts were heroic nonetheless. We managed to win one and we will cling from that one for another year. In the end, it’s not the end result or the bragging rights or the bets that make it special; it’s the memories and the bonding. The devil’s in the details. #Loveyourfamilies

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