New football adventure with Jogo #3

The old adage states: “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it“…over the years, we have learned many lessons with the boys competitive football journeys. As we embark full-time with Joana’s, we will attempt to apply past lessons learned hoping to maximize her enjoyment and development; the rest, we know, will take care of itself.

To be fair, we find girls’/women’s football being somewhat different (ex. physically, emotionally, tactically, etc.) from boys/men’s and thus some of the lessons learned with the boys may (or may not) need adjustments. We’ll continuously update the blog with snippets of progress.

For now, we want to share with our audience something unique that took place this weekend. Her new team won the first competitive tournament that they participated in but honestly, that’s not so relevant; results are circumstantial sometimes.

The significant event is the fact that all three Jogos participated in the same tournament (with the same club: Solar) in past years. So apparently we ARE following a similar journey even on things for which we have no control over (coaches choose tournaments they want to participate in). In the end, only 2 of the Jogo’s teams managed to win it, while the third fell just short in the championship game in PKs. It was a coincidence and a blessing that we wanted to share with you. Pictures below.

Joana’s Solar championship: 08.09.20 (Mckinney, TX)
Jogo’s Solar Red championship: 08.11.13 (Mckinney, TX)
Johan’s Solar Red championship: 08.14.10 (Mckinney, TX)

To top it all off, we had a surprise family visitor to the championship game which added to the enjoyment and the motivation. Thank you Kammie for your unconditional support.

Kammie and Joana. Thank you for the support!!!