Good Friday and National Siblings Day

First things first. Quick update on the family. Johan (and us) has almost completed the first (of two) week of his Texas State mandated quarantine . He’s shown no symptoms of COVID-19 (and neither have we) and is overall healthy. Unfortunately, he’s found himself a bit bored and has found creative ways to stay busy in his room upstairs. One thing is for sure, he’s found more time to devote to ChumChat. In that front, this week’s guest didn’t disappoint. Give them a listen. The portion about presidential trivia is impressive. BTW, be on the lookout as these young men continue expressing themselves off the field seeking and defining success via their interesting guests.

ChumChat Season 1 Volume 13: Will Swinney

Today though, I write to celebrate Friday. Sure, most days seem like a blur under the circumstances but Fridays do mark the end of a work week for most of us. Besides, it’s not just any Friday, it’s “Good Friday”. Not only do some of us celebrate, Good Friday but today is also National Siblings day. Whichever your beliefs may be, find a reason to celebrate today with your family. As our good friends the Carrera’s would say #FamilyFirst

The rest of this post however is to celebrate National Siblings Day which is a new thing and is gaining more online popularity each year. While Jogo remains away (partying away with the Sanchez family in Louisville), the rest of the Gomez’s would like some time to commemorate this day. We are blessed and fortunate.

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