Campeonato de USL-1

¡Buena chavos! Jogo, tu participación en la obtención del campeonato resultó fundamental; la asistencia (a la asistencia) resultó en el gol ganador y que decir de la salvada en la segunda mitad que contó por lo menos por un gol y medio.

Sin embargo, el momento de más orgullo en la familia durante esta temporada llegó el día en que ambos Jogos compartieron el campo en Toronto. El tiempo fue efimero pero muy especial.

La familia Gómez siempre le estará eternamente agradecida a la organización del FC Dallas por estas oportunidades brindadas a los chicos. ¡Felicitaciones a los dos por esta temporada tan exitosa! #TheGomezway.

Llegamos a 4000 vistas

En esta ocasión queremos aprovechar para reconocer los comentarios positivos que frecuentemente recibimos sobre el contenido de nuestro sitio. La buena noticia es que en muy poco tiempo, hemos registrado más de 3000 vistas.

Gracias a todos y sigan interactuando con nosotros para que el Gracias a todos y sigan interactuando con nosotros para que el contenido continue siendo más específico, informativo y útil para todos. A final de cuentas, no se trata sólo de números, sino del impacto (la calidad antes que la cantidad es lo que cuenta para nosotros) que nuestro contenido tenga en las familias del fútbol.

Nuestro objetivo siempre será contribuir al mejoramiento del deporte en este país compartiendo nuestra experiencia futbolera como director técnico, árbitro, jugador, pero sobre todo, como padre de hijos futbolistas.

Estamos agradecidos de tener este espacio digital para llegar a ese fin. Por cierto, la próxima publicación será una continuación de la publicación “Agente vs Escout” de la semana pasada. Por ahora, les mandamos un cordial saludo y un agradecimiento por seguir al tanto.

Por cierto, si tienen algunos minutitos, échenle un vistazo al siguiente podcast. En el episodio de ésta semana, el invitado es Cole Bassett. Buen trabajo chavos.

Chumchat season 1 volume 11. Guest: Cole Bassett

Portuguese Quarantine

It’s nothing short of weird being quarantined in a foreign country. Foreign-ish. I don’t really like to use that excuse anymore because I feel like I’m really well adapted, plus Portugal reminds me a lot of Mexico. It gives me comfort sometimes when I’m out and about and certain parts of the city are identical to Mexico. The first couple of days went by so slowly, it seemed like it was a week’s worth of time packed within one day. Our apartment is a good size but I share a room with someone and even just a few days in, I already felt like I was losing my sanity. Thankfully, there was a first team player who happened to get loaned out about a month ago. He happens to be an Argentinian who gets along very well with my also Argentinian roommate. Long story short, he left us his car and his house. We packed up our stuff to stay for a couple weeks minimum and headed over to the crib. It’s looking like it’ll be about a month until we go back to training and that’s if everything goes well. The countdown’s on.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Back to Training (Supposedly)

As I’m writing this, we’re about 23 hours in and this is about as good as quarantine gets. Space away from roommate, space to do my own thing, FaceTime friends and family without overlapping conversations as my roommate screams while playing Fortnite. It’s been really nice. I had forgotten what it’s like to have a little space to breathe. Yesterday we headed to the supermarket, masked up, to stock up on groceries since the only downfall of this is that we’ll have to cook. Thank God that people in Portugal haven’t resulted to panic buying like some people in the states have. I would honestly have no food to live off of if that was the case. The cafeteria where we usually get our food from at Casa Dragao, is closed right now. All my teammates have gone home, and my national team teammates (most) that play in Germany or England got to head back… without having to quarantine upon arrival, so I’m a little jealous. Shout-out Leo (Sepulveda) if you’re reading this, because it’s way worse in Spain and he hasn’t been able to go home so I can’t even complain. He’s been helping me by telling me what to stock up on and what to cook and stuff. That’s the bro. We stocked up on groceries and I cooked my first meal in a while. Easy to make spaghetti. Simple, healthy and always filling. Haven’t cooked in a while and honestly, forgot how much I hate cleaning up after and washing the dishes. That night, I went to sleep kind of late but woke up early the next morning to do the workout Porto sent us, plus, I want to keep my body on the same training schedule time-wise as we’re usually on. I was only going to spend about an hour out there but ended up staying for two because I got a hold of the ball. I could have stayed outside forever with the ball honestly, especially now that there’s nothing to do.

Johan fiddling with the ball 031820 (Porto, Portugal)

After, I finished with some stretches to make sure the legs don’t tighten up too much. I’ve struggled with my hamstring lately so I’m using this time to really take care of it, especially when we’re just sitting around, your muscles tend to tighten and tense up so it’s always good to do light stretches to increase flexibility. Highly recommended for any athlete, and you can do them while watching TV or doing nothing now that you’re in quarantine.

I’ve really been enjoying the space I have compared to normal, but it’s no secret I’d rather be home right now. I talked to the people in charge here but they don’t want to let me go until a date is given for return to play so we’re waiting on the federation to say something. I doubt they’ll let me go back, so kind of just have to deal with it. It sucks because, although I wouldn’t necessarily be able to go out with my friends, at least I would be in my city and with my family. Also, I don’t want to be stuck here if things get worse and it’s summer. Then, there would really be no point in me being here. I have a good relationship with the doctors here due to my past injury and they’re constantly checking up on my mental state, and I’ve never struggled with that (thank God, but if you do struggle with that reach out to someone) but it is weird being here and not playing with the team.

The World’s Most Unforgettable Smile

By the way, at time of writing it’s Ronaldinho’s 40th birthday, he’s one of the greatest of all time and helped a lot of us fall in love with the game with that contagious smile. Let’s honor him by watching some of his greatest moments. Oh and go subscribe to my podcast on YT, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Also, follow us on insta . We’re honestly pretty good for a trio of 18 year old. Give it a listen… you probably have nothing better to do.

Our latest EP and Interview with Las Vegas Raiders and Clemson legend WR Hunter Renfrow
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Nutrition and Chumchat

Nutrition is an integral part of one’s health and growth and more so for athletes. Having two young athletes living away from us has presented its share of challenges. As parents, we always want to ensure that our children’s nutrition is adequate for their age and activity levels.

To be honest, both boys have always been very disciplined and have understood the importance of a balanced diet given their lifestyles. However, we know there are way too many food choices available. Even as an adult, it’s hard to discern what’s best for our bodies, that feeling magnifies for a couple of teenagers and this is where they sometimes need our assistance.

In Johan’s case, he currently has no need (or desire) to cook as Porto takes care of that aspect of his life. Similarly, Louisville also takes excellent care of Jogo; however, Jogo loves to cook frequently (more so recently). As you can see from his hobbies, he finds cooking therapeutic as well fulfilling…and this is where we (mom) come in.

See, when they both lived in Frisco (about an hour away from us), their nutrition was easy to manage (and even influence). Mom would cook additional portions that they would in turn freeze, transport to their home and eat at will. During the weekends, the boys would come home and we would just all eat together (all smiles).

Nowadays, we leverage technology to increase Jogo’s nutritional IQ. We not only help him with cooking but also with shopping. I must say, it works extremely well. The videos also serve a secondary purpose as they help us practice my native language. Warning, the video below is in Spanish.

Spanish Rice Cooking: 03.15.20 (Keller, TX)

Remember that carbohydrates are an athlete’s main fuel. Their body changes them to glucose -a form of sugar- and stores them in their muscles as glycogen. A diet rich in carbs is important. In the future, we will be adding more videos about other support methods (ex. grocery shopping) and hints to help young athletes and their families with managing/influencing nutrition remotely. As with anything you do in life, do it with a passion.

Matthew 6:21

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also

In other news, the chums have been doing really well and continue to increase their follower base. This week’s guest was NFL’s Hunter Rentfrow. Give them a listen when you can and susbscribe to their YouTube channel or Spotify. Enjoy

Chumchat Season 1, Episode 10: Talking Shop w/ Hunter Renfrow (Las Vegas Raiders Star WR)

COVID-19 & missed U20/U19 MNT callups

In these times of uncertainty, we sincerely hope everyone is safe, healthy and most of all, enjoying some down time with family. We would like to take this opportunity to share some recent family anecdotes which initially appeared to be disastrous, but are proving to be beneficial. We hope you find them comforting and perhaps they help soften the impact of the current Coronavirus adversities however those may be affecting your personal lives.

One of the hardest things that the Gomez’s have had to adjust to in the past year has been living away from our oldest children (especially Johan). Yes, technology facilitates certain things but you can’t change others such as the time difference. Although both Johan and Jogo left home when they were 16 and 13 respectively, they were both within a manageable driving distance from us (if they ever needed us). Also, we would see them at least once a week and when we did, we were ALL HAPPY; we miss that. Nowadays, we see them once every 2-3 months and it becomes especially worrisome (nostalgic even) in turbulent times like the ones taking place now.

Johan being in a country where the COVID-19 confirmed cases climb up exponentially every day, far away from us, makes us feel helpless. Honestly, it’s a humbling feeling that tests our patience thresholds. Yes, we worry sick about him because in the end “that’s what us parents do best“. On the other hand, Jogo being twelve hours (driving distance) away, seems to be within reach if an emergency comes up but he’s still far. In the end, we trust that the Lord will guide them appropriately.

If you happen to have your children close to you (more so during these challenging times), give them a hug, tell them how much you love them and reminisce about life events with them. Go through old pictures/video together. Not all of us are THAT fortunate right now. Before you know it, your kids will be gone building their own legacy and chasing their own dreams.

I will start closing this post on a positive note. Although football is full of sacrifices as some would say; it’s also full of rewards, ironies and some fortune. Sometimes luck is on your side yet others it isn’t. See, in less than two months, Johan has been called up twice for different U20 MNT camps and guess what? He has been unable to attend either. Some would say, that’s terrible luck (maybe so). For the first camp in January, as you some of you already know, he was injured just days before he was scheduled to fly out to Florida. In hindsight, the unexpected additional down time gave him and his friends time to give birth to another life project: Chumchat and discover perhaps another talent. The second U20 MNT camp (in Portugal) was cancelled a couple of days ago and although Johan was disappointed, he recognizes that this down time will present new opportunities once again. In the end, football is only a small part of our lives right now and we must seize each day. “Carpe Diem” Johan until the next opportunity, then, be prepared.

Last but not least, Jogo was invited with the U19 MNT to Spain for an international tournament. As a family, we were looking forward to enjoying watching the boys represent the US crest simultaneously. Unfortunately, the tournament also got cancelled. While that was unfortunate, Jogo is using the unexpected additional down time to continue excelling in his new high school and familiarizing himself with his new life in Louisville. We try to teach the boys that in the face of adversity, it’s how you bounce back that determines the ultimate outcome and molds your character.

The Gomez’s are resilient to “bad luck”, adversity but most of all, remain hopeful that there will be brighter times ahead of us. For all of you, stay resilient, healthy, and faithful out there. This will inevitably pass and life will return to “normal”. Make the best out of these times. Until next time. #theGomezWay

1 John 5-5

Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.

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…a pesar de que irónicamente te hemos visto partir de tantos aeropuertos en docenas de ocasiones, sin embargo, esta vez fué emocionalmente agotador.

Para ser honesto, se mezclaron muchas emociones … tantas lágrimas derramadas, la alegría de haber tenido el placer de tenerte cerca por unos días. Las despedidas son complicadas; la familia siempre va a ser egoísta por naturaleza y te va a querer cerca “a todas horas”. Algunos de nosotros incluso diríamos que la vida es injusta…en realidad, la vida no lo es, ya que estas son nuestras decisiones y estamos conscientes de que estás alcanzando tu sueño y bueno, al final, eso merma un poco el dolor de tu partida.

Aun así, es difícil explicarle a tu hermana por qué te tienes que ir “una vez más”; y como era de esperarse, lloró todo el camino de regreso a casa. Además, ver a tu hermano sollozar como un niño pequeño no es algo de lo que hayamos sido testigos antes…el vínculo que ustedes tienen es notablemente muy fuerte. La mayoría de las personas tan sólo ven la fachada familiar, pero el trabajo detrás de la cancha es admirable y sólo los que vivimos el día a día, lo sabemos.

A final de cuentas, este estilo de vida es nuestra elección y ese es el alto precio que tenemos que pagar. El adiós de hoy fue más duro de lo normal, ya que no sabemos cuándo nos veremos de nuevo. Hasta entonces, queremos que sepas que eres amado, admirado y muy especial en la vida de muchos. Ve a buscar tus sueños hijo porque acá siempre tendrás a un equipo muy COMPLETO y capaz apoyándote…#theGomezway


Jogo’s new crest with two stars

The expectations

Football has allowed the Gómez’s to visit and experience some amazing places domestically and internationally; in the process, we have met some wonderful people. We are beyond grateful to football for those opportunities. In this particular occasion, we visited yet another historical place packed with pleasant folks. After the initial remote interactions with the Louisville City FC staff, we were confident that we would finally encounter hospitality, honesty, genuineness, openness, and the appropriate development setup for Jogo…and sure enough, Louisville did not disappoint.

The airport

My fathers’s favorite sport was not football; it was boxing. I became a boxing fan at an early age mostly because of him but also because my home country produces its share of good boxers. I remember watching boxing every Saturday night with my father; he’d ask me trivia questions about the sport so I became very knowledgeable at a young age. All that said, when the trip to Louisville materialized, the last thing that crossed my mind was Muhammad Ali’s hometown. However, as soon as we landed in the Louisville Muhammad Ali airport, I felt I had gone full circle in a small (but very intimate) part of my life. My dad would have been happy.

Jogo and mom at the Muhammad Ali airport 03.04.20

The folks

From the moment we received confirmation of the trip until the last handshake; we felt welcome; the hospitality was incredible. It’s not often parents get an opportunity to talk openly to the head coach (especially one whom we admire) and much less his staff (the assistant coach and the goalkeeper coach). They made us feel welcome…special. We were not just a number. Is this how it’s supposed to be? Thank you. In addition to the coaching staff (and in no chronological order), in our first trip, we met the vice president of operations, the club president, the academy director, the public relations team, the chaplain (and his wife), players (Sean, apologies since we were in a rush), etc. Everyone was so genuinely kind and welcoming. Words can’t suffice. They say Texans are famous for their southern hospitality…don’t know, what we experienced that weekend outdoes anything we have witnessed before. We know we landed at the right place.

The stadium

Are you kidding me? A 65 million dollar facility with a capacity of up to 14k fans. It’s not every day that a USL team has its own brand new football dedicated stadium. Being part of the inception of a project magnifies the satisfaction and was a factor in our decision. The attention to detail is incredible; from the shape of the stadium to the locker room soccer tennis area. It’s well thought-out. It’s also not surprising that the folks who made us feel welcome are the same folks behind this magnificent design. The two main supporter groups will be ecstatic. The tifos and smoke bombs setup; everything is built with a purpose. The Lynn Family stadium will be inaugurated by Louisville City FC on April 11th. We are looking forward to an environment packed with supporting fans on our third visit; we have never experienced an environment like that in North Texas.

The Gomez’s at Lynn Family Stadium 03.05.20


Having the flexibility to accompany the team to pre-season was the cherry on the cake. Jogo not only had a chance to interact, train and play with the team in Louisville but also traveled with them to Florida to further validate any potential on-the-field development uncertainties. While there, he played a scrimmage against a very talented DC United side and defended some very good players. Get well soon Paul. We need you back on the USMNT.

Jogo defending Paul Arriola in pre-season 02.06.20

The city

In two quick pragmatic trips with packed agendas, we achieved everything we wanted except perhaps more sight-seeing. We’ll be back, there’s no doubt about that. We did manage to use at least one of the famous beautiful bridges that go across the Ohio River (to cross to Indiana to go to Target).

The weather

Is this how cold it’s supposed to get? Texas winter wind surpasses this any day. We experienced beautiful days for football with (guess what?) no wind and we loved it. Incidentally, the colder weather and the quicker speed of play of the team helped Jogo with what he embarked on right after Louisville City FC pre-season.

The farewell

In an already gloomy afternoon (Kobe’s news), the time came to say goodbye. It had to be quick because Jogo needed to return to “his business” and the quick adieu helped. Mom was sad (extremely sad). Everything we have seen far exceeds our expectations; we know deep in our hearts this is where he belongs. Yet as we head back to the airport, a natural sudden nostalgic feeling rushes in. The sadness is exponentially exacerbated by the gloomy cold Sunday night. Feelings are strange and we can’t explain them sometimes; for now, we must manage them. There is no doubt this is the next logical progression in his career. We know Jogo will embrace it with open arms because he is surrounded by an excellent team. Seize the day son. It is time to continue shining.

Jogo with teary-eyed mom

Agent vs scout part #2

This post is a follow up to the one we wrote a couple of weeks ago regarding agents and scouts part #1. With the recently finished Generation Adidas (GA) qualifying games, it seems appropriate to continue talking about agents and scouts. Before we start though, it’s of utmost importance to remind our audience that everyone in football has their own agenda. Clubs want what is best for the club, scouts want to protect their reputations, agents want to make money, parents want their kids to be a success and most of the time these agendas do not align well. With that in mind, let’s try to address some basic questions.

  1. Why do players/families seek an agent/scout?

Players/families seek out an agent or scout because they typically need assistance, guidance or just a second opinion on a decision. Normally, players/families look for an agent as a way to either validate probability or try to expedite the player’s path to professionalism. Conversely, an agent seeks out players/families to gauge if there is a potential match between the player’s/family’s aspirations and what a particular football club needs for potential representation.

2. How do players/families find an agent? Or does the agent find you?

Typically, agents find players they are interested in at events such as Development Academy showcases/playoffs, Generation Adidas Cup (qualifying and tournament), Dallas Cup, DA/ECNL games, Youth National Team events, International tournaments, football online forums, etc. On the other hand, there are some proactive parents who seek out agent advice via online research (ex. this blog) or by asking parents of players currently leveraging the services of an agent. For example, recently, we have had several parents reach out to us for suggestions on alternate paths for their players instead of the local MLS club. As far as scouts are concerned, scouts tend to be a bit more reserved and may not interact with the player/family at these events directly. Sometimes, scouts could be college coaches which is a separate option altogether.

3. Once the player/family meet/talk with an agent, what should the first conversation be about?

Well, this one is somewhat easy, if the agent found *you*, you let them explain the reason they contacted you which is likely interest in player representation. On the other hand, if you reached out to the agent, be ready to state what you need from them; be specific about your questions (these may be personal in nature). We must say that it’s likely the first meet/talk is a phone conversation. Examples could be a request to asses your player, possible progression pathways for your player, MLS/USL/DA/NCAA rules, best development environments for your player, etc. Below is an example of some topics/questions to be curious about. The priority of the questions below is situational based on player/family needs.

  1. Services offered (ex. building player profile, player placement, additional sponsorships, tax preparation, etc.)
  2. Cost structure for services offered
  3. How many other players do they represent?
  4. Who else do they represent?
  5. How long have they (agent/agency) been in the business?
  6. How did agent/agency start in the business? Did he/she play the game?
  7. How long have they been assessing/following your player?
  8. What’s their assessment of your player?
  9. How do they make money?
  10. What markets are they most comfortable in?

4. What comes after the first meeting/conversation with an agent?

It really depends on the agent’s familiarity with your player and a potential need for your player on a club. Although unlikely, if the initial conversation leads to a potential trial in a particular market; it may be necessary to have the agent create a video clip of the player for promotion/exposure. Most agents have access to ample footage (WyScout) so they should be able to create their own but sometimes time is of the essence; and the agent can request player footage to the family so it’s important for the family/player to have a clip readily available that can be used. Put some thought into creating the clip (we could probably write an entire post on this topic) but don’t go overboard (especially with the music). In our case, we organically created the #theGomezway YouTube channel and that proved to be instrumental in agents validating their thoughts on the boys. Our advice is to have fun with it; if not for recruiting, the website will be full of memories in a few years. You don’t really have to go all out either. However, it’s important that you enjoy doing it and that it doesn’t become a chore.

5. If I don’t have footage of my player, where do I find some?

If your player plays DA, all games are recorded. Most of those games are readily available if you ask the right person. At FC Dallas, there was a point in time where all it took was a request to the manager for footage but as soon as they realized parents were using it for highlight purposes, they started scrutinizing and negating such requests. It’s always a good idea to try to record (or have somebody record) games where your player shows well. Look into Soloshot. That did wonders for us. Disclaimer: We don’t work for Soloshot.

6. Does it cost money to go on trials?

It should not cost any money to be assessed by a club. However, commuting to the club’s facilities whether be across town or in a different continent is normally at the expense of the player/family. Once the player is trialing, housing is typically provided by the club. For example, trialing in Europe is very cost prohibitive for families. Once there, the inviting club normally provides room and board. Sometimes you could be fortunate enough to have a club so interested in your player that they can assist with travel costs as well. However, it is typically NOT the norm especially for American (pay to play) players.

7. Once in a trial, what role does the agent play?

The main role of an agent in a trial is to set it up. The agent usually doesn’t accompany the player to the trial (especially if it’s abroad); however, the agent will help setup room and board with the club for the duration of the trial. A typical trial is about a week but could easily last longer depending on the hosting club interest, point in their current season, weather, etc. Since the family is paying for the transportation to the trial club, it’s probably a good idea to try to line up clubs in a particular market to trial with all in one trip. If the agent sets up multiple trials in one trip, it is possible to receive feedback from the clubs prior to the end of the trip. The agent will relay that feedback to the player/family.

8. How long does it take to receive feedback?

It depends. If the club really, really wants your player (and the conditions are all present -ex passport, release, age, etc.), they can extend an offer on the spot; otherwise, they will take their time possibly to evaluate other players. Similarly, your player can explore other clubs in sequence. In general, the agent is the one receiving feedback directly from the club; one can expect to hear from the club within a few weeks; otherwise, it probably means, there may not be an immediate interest.

To be continued….

Jogo comes home and news

Jogo comes home for a short period of time after being away for “a few weeks”. The experience has been extremely positive but boy we missed you a ton. Happy half-birthday. We hear you met some interesting individuals while over there….happy half-birthday!!!

Jogo with Josh Sargent

In other news, Johan returned to action and the good news continued flowing his way. The family can’t wait to see what happens next with him. Speaking of family, the surprise visit didn’t hurt either huh? It’s always good to work on your emotional and spiritual well-being just as it is to work on your physical one. BTW, keep chumchatting son, YOLO. Great idea on the FC Dallas HG signing podcast (and great debut by Tanner). Can’t wait on the next guest with the brand new “equipment” :-).

Chumchat episode 7

Finally, thanks for Joana’s shout-out on IG. You are right; she doesn’t get enough credit sometimes so we’ll start incorporating news about her sporadically. She continued footballing and scoring and she also ran a sub 6-minute mile too earlier this week. #theGomezWay

Joana Gomez: Odyssey 3 vs East Texas (1) 02.23.20
Joana Gomez: ACES invitational 02.27.20