COVID-19 & missed U20/U19 MNT callups

In these times of uncertainty, we sincerely hope everyone is safe, healthy and most of all, enjoying some down time with family. We would like to take this opportunity to share some recent family anecdotes which initially appeared to be disastrous, but are proving to be beneficial. We hope you find them comforting and perhaps they help soften the impact of the current Coronavirus adversities however those may be affecting your personal lives.

One of the hardest things that the Gomez’s have had to adjust to in the past year has been living away from our oldest children (especially Johan). Yes, technology facilitates certain things but you can’t change others such as the time difference. Although both Johan and Jogo left home when they were 16 and 13 respectively, they were both within a manageable driving distance from us (if they ever needed us). Also, we would see them at least once a week and when we did, we were ALL HAPPY; we miss that. Nowadays, we see them once every 2-3 months and it becomes especially worrisome (nostalgic even) in turbulent times like the ones taking place now.

Johan being in a country where the COVID-19 confirmed cases climb up exponentially every day, far away from us, makes us feel helpless. Honestly, it’s a humbling feeling that tests our patience thresholds. Yes, we worry sick about him because in the end “that’s what us parents do best“. On the other hand, Jogo being twelve hours (driving distance) away, seems to be within reach if an emergency comes up but he’s still far. In the end, we trust that the Lord will guide them appropriately.

If you happen to have your children close to you (more so during these challenging times), give them a hug, tell them how much you love them and reminisce about life events with them. Go through old pictures/video together. Not all of us are THAT fortunate right now. Before you know it, your kids will be gone building their own legacy and chasing their own dreams.

I will start closing this post on a positive note. Although football is full of sacrifices as some would say; it’s also full of rewards, ironies and some fortune. Sometimes luck is on your side yet others it isn’t. See, in less than two months, Johan has been called up twice for different U20 MNT camps and guess what? He has been unable to attend either. Some would say, that’s terrible luck (maybe so). For the first camp in January, as you some of you already know, he was injured just days before he was scheduled to fly out to Florida. In hindsight, the unexpected additional down time gave him and his friends time to give birth to another life project: Chumchat and discover perhaps another talent. The second U20 MNT camp (in Portugal) was cancelled a couple of days ago and although Johan was disappointed, he recognizes that this down time will present new opportunities once again. In the end, football is only a small part of our lives right now and we must seize each day. “Carpe Diem” Johan until the next opportunity, then, be prepared.

Last but not least, Jogo was invited with the U19 MNT to Spain for an international tournament. As a family, we were looking forward to enjoying watching the boys represent the US crest simultaneously. Unfortunately, the tournament also got cancelled. While that was unfortunate, Jogo is using the unexpected additional down time to continue excelling in his new high school and familiarizing himself with his new life in Louisville. We try to teach the boys that in the face of adversity, it’s how you bounce back that determines the ultimate outcome and molds your character.

The Gomez’s are resilient to “bad luck”, adversity but most of all, remain hopeful that there will be brighter times ahead of us. For all of you, stay resilient, healthy, and faithful out there. This will inevitably pass and life will return to “normal”. Make the best out of these times. Until next time. #theGomezWay

1 John 5-5

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…a pesar de que irónicamente te hemos visto partir de tantos aeropuertos en docenas de ocasiones, sin embargo, esta vez fué emocionalmente agotador.

Para ser honesto, se mezclaron muchas emociones … tantas lágrimas derramadas, la alegría de haber tenido el placer de tenerte cerca por unos días. Las despedidas son complicadas; la familia siempre va a ser egoísta por naturaleza y te va a querer cerca “a todas horas”. Algunos de nosotros incluso diríamos que la vida es injusta…en realidad, la vida no lo es, ya que estas son nuestras decisiones y estamos conscientes de que estás alcanzando tu sueño y bueno, al final, eso merma un poco el dolor de tu partida.

Aun así, es difícil explicarle a tu hermana por qué te tienes que ir “una vez más”; y como era de esperarse, lloró todo el camino de regreso a casa. Además, ver a tu hermano sollozar como un niño pequeño no es algo de lo que hayamos sido testigos antes…el vínculo que ustedes tienen es notablemente muy fuerte. La mayoría de las personas tan sólo ven la fachada familiar, pero el trabajo detrás de la cancha es admirable y sólo los que vivimos el día a día, lo sabemos.

A final de cuentas, este estilo de vida es nuestra elección y ese es el alto precio que tenemos que pagar. El adiós de hoy fue más duro de lo normal, ya que no sabemos cuándo nos veremos de nuevo. Hasta entonces, queremos que sepas que eres amado, admirado y muy especial en la vida de muchos. Ve a buscar tus sueños hijo porque acá siempre tendrás a un equipo muy COMPLETO y capaz apoyándote…#theGomezway