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Networking is important

Glad to see the kiddos growing in all aspects of their lives. As a parent, there’s no better feeling than to watch them enjoy their journey and pursue their dreams. Networking plays an instrumental role in people’s lives and in the end, our time here is about the relationships, the rapport (be it friendships or not) and the experiences lived through them that make our lives even more meaningful… after all, it’s not everyday that you meet the starting goalkeeper for the Argentinean National football team. !!!Sos grande Marche!!! Porto 3 Tondela 0

BTW, the U19s learned who the next opponent will be in the UEFA Youth League game: FC Salzburg. Similarly, the first team also learned who the next opponent will be in the UEFA Europa League: FC Bayern Leverkusen on 02.20.20 (numerology)

Excellent news today

In the midst of uncertainty in some aspects of one of the kids’ football future, it’s great that the other Jogo received excellent news today. Let’s see if anything materializes. As the aphorism would say: “Stay tuned until then”. Good luck against Philly tomorrow Jogo.

Porto U-19 advances to the next round of UEFA Youth League

…and the team moves on to the next round. Good job Porto. BTW, I think I now understand how the whole UEFA Youth League tournament actually works. Suffices to say there are no more games until February of next year. It will be hard to defend the U-19 UEFA Youth League title from last year but not impossible…one game at a time.

We are very proud of you Johan, a year ago you were scoring goals at the Winter showcase under the direction of the best FCD coach you had (Chuy) and today you are contributing to the victory in Slovania in the UEFA Youth League…not too shabby.

UEFA Youth League…do or die against Domzale

Please know that no matter what happens today on the field, it’s an honor to be playing UEFA Youth League as a Mexican-American player. Think of the goals you set out to accomplish about a year ago…there’s a ton of friends, family, etc. pulling for you and Porto FC. We realize it’s a do or die game and the atmosphere could be hostile but this is why we play the game. Also, remember that you have played in Aztec stadium, this is a piece of cake for you.  FC Porto has been playing well and they will prevail in the end given their technical level. Good luck in Slovania. Sending you lots of good vibes and love.

Porto 4 Setubal 0 (Taça de Portugal)

Arrival to the stadium did not go as planned…that happens when you travel with the Gómez’s sometimes. To be fair, the kids made it to Estádio Do Dragao right at kickoff (5:30 PM) on their own via subway (kuddos to them); however, it was Claudia and myself who were 16 minutes late to kickoff. For most people, a 16 minute delay to a football game isn’t the end of the world, but for my type-A personality, it kinda was.

The back story behind our being tardy to the game isn’t simple but in summary, the rainy evening played a role and a forgotten Mexican flag (see below for explanation) did too. In the end, we witnessed four nice Porto FC goals: Mbemba, Favio Silva, own goal and Marega. In the process, we managed to spend some quality time…a family luxury we haven’t been able to afford in almost 6 months.

As far as the game went, Porto FC was never in danger of losing this one; the 22,000 fans present enjoyed the victory but for us, being close to the ultras and taking pictures while creating more family memories was of utmost importance. We were determined to have fun. The highlight of the day took place when, upon spotting the Gómez’s huge Mexican flag and as previously arranged by Johan, Jesus “Tecatito” Corona, came over, greeted us and gifted us his playing jersey. ¡¡¡Gracias Tecatito!!!. The drenching rain that coincided with our walk back home was perfect. It’s nice to get to be kids (with your own kids) every once in a while.

FC Porto first family game watching experience

The rainy, windy and cooler weather conditions did not alter the enjoyment of our first family outing watching you play with FC Porto. The game lived up to the expectations; a feisty away game against the team currently sitting in 2nd place: Famalicao. The game, the teams and especially you did not disappoint and we were glad we could witness it. FC Porto had the majority of the possession but in the end, the team who scores the goals wins. The end result was not the desired one (1-0 loss) but we move on, we learn, and we improve. Thanks for this opportunity to watch you Johan; the family could not be more proud of the young adult you are becoming….