We always appreciate the support to our family and more specifically to the boys. To show our gratitude and to increase our interactions online, we will be making some free merchandise available to our followers. We discreetly started this activity the summer of 2020 and have since added a second method to acquire merch.

Method #1 (Free)

The first and most convenient method will continue to work as before. To participate, just answer the “Question of the month” below whose answer can be found in our blog. Once you locate the correct answer in one of our posts, be among the first three participants to submit your answer via the form below. Piece of cake.

Blue t-shirt: back “theGomezway.com”; front: “JG” logo (50% cotton, 50% polyester)

Question of the month (September):

When is Johan’s birthday?


  1. Three winners will be selected monthly
  2. Winners will be determined by the earliest timestamp of the email received when the form below is correctly filled out and submitted. Note: Only submit entries during the correct month
  3. Only one winner per household
  4. Same household can only win once every four months
  5. We will notify winners via email. Please direct inquiries to: info@thegomezway.com
  6. At the moment, we are only shipping domestically (in the US)
  7. Winner names may be published below (with your permission)

Sample T-shirts

Method #2 (Purchase)

The second method is to purchase a T-shirt by using the Paypal form below. All proceeds go to the charities we support in the philantrophy page.

JG logo (front) and #theGomezway (back)

50% polyester and 50% cotton (blue)


Johan Gómez and Jonathan (aka Jogo) Gómez

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