Throughout the years, Joana has been fortunate enough to not just play the game she loves but in the process has met some notable people.

Joana and Jesús Ferreira (Carson, CA) 01.28.23

Joana and Ebony Salmon (Louisville, KY) 06.12.22

Joana and Josh Wynder (Louisville, KY) 06.12.22

Joana and Justin Che (Dallas, TX) 12.03.21

Joana and Yuki Nagasato (Louisville, KY) 03.18.21

Joana with Emina Ekic and Emily Fox (Luisville, KY) 03.18.21

Joana and Jason Witten (Argyle, TX) 03.02.21

Joana and Maxi Urruti (Frisco, TX) 03.17.18

Johan Gómez and Jonathan (aka Jogo) Gómez

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